Last month, Kia announced pricing on its much-anticipated Telluride crossover. It may not be a body-on-frame SUV, but it has a cool design, a nice interior, and third-row seating, which should make it popular with families. Add in Kia's excellent bumper-to-bumper warranty and its even better powertrain warranty, and we have a feeling the Telluride will be a big hit. But now that Kia's configurator is online, we?have a better idea of what it will cost to add various options.

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                        As you can see, your first choice is which trim level you want. And regardless of which version you choose, all-wheel drive is a $2,000 option.?So even though a front-wheel-drive Telluride LX starts at?$32,735 with destination,?a top-trim SX model will set you back $44,535 when paired with all-wheel drive.

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                        Once you've chosen your preferred trim, it's time to pick the paint color. It's nice to be offered more than one or two colors that don't cost extra, but we're a little disappointed there aren't any brighter colors to choose from. And while other colors come with two different interior options, the default silver option is only available paired with black. Choose the Telluride SX, though, and Kia lets you pick from multiple interior colors. Add all-wheel drive, and the number of options increases even further.

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                        But as you'll quickly realize,?there aren't very many options or packages to add.?Kia doesn't offer anything for the LX trim, allows you to choose a $100 eight-passenger seating configuration on the S, and gives you the option of adding a $795 towing package on the EX and SX. The only major?option is offered on the all-wheel-drive SX, and it's the $2,000 Prestige Package, which adds nicer leather, a head-up display, rain-sensing wipers, and a few other convenience features. So if you want a feature that comes on one of the higher-trim models, the only way to get it is to pick that version from the start.

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                        We have a feeling most buyers will end up with either the S or EX?even though the base LX comes pretty well equipped with features such as eight-passenger seating, keyless entry, and support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But if you really want to get fancy and add every possible option, as well as every possible accessory, you're looking at a Telluride that costs a little more than $50,000. That's much more than a lot of families can afford, but it is still a little less than the most expensive Honda Pilot you can build.

                        So how would you configure your ideal Telluride?

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