a black and orange car: The mid-size SUV, called the Teramont X, made its debut in China today and is U.S. bound.? Volkswagen The mid-size SUV, called the Teramont X, made its debut in China today and is U.S. bound.
                        • The Volkswagen Teramont X was unveiled at the Shanghai auto show today.
                        • A mid-size, two-row SUV, the Teramont X previews a forthcoming Volkswagen model for North America that may take the name Atlas when it's unveiled.
                        • Volkswagen indicated that the U.S.-spec model will likely be revealed in the third quarter of 2019.

                        Making its global debut at the Shanghai auto show today, the Teramont X, Volkswagen's two-row mid-size SUV, gives us a glimpse of a two-row SUV that's destined for American roads. If it looks familiar, that's because the Teramont X–and its three-row variant, the Teramont–is based on the Atlas SUV that's already sold in the United States.

                        The Teramont X sports a lower roofline, a more rakish rear liftgate, unique taillamps, and a slightly different side-window profile than the regular three-row Teramont/Atlas. We expect the interior of the vehicle will be about roomy as the first two rows of the Atlas, so four adults should find it exceptionally spacious.

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                        We knew Volkswagen was green-lighting a mid-size two-row SUV for North America; at last year's New York auto show, the company showed the Atlas Cross Sport concept and confirmed such a vehicle would enter production, probably as a 2020 model.

                        a red car parked on the side of a building: Volkswagen Teramont X? Volkswagen Volkswagen Teramont X

                        Volkswagen spokesman, Mark Gillies, told C/D that the North American version will probably debut in the third quarter of 2019. It remains to be seen if the Teramont X will take the Atlas's name when it does break cover here or if it will go its own way with a unique badge.

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