The Bugatti Divo was sold out before it was even introduced to the public in Monterey last year, but it looks as though there's still work to be done. Normally we wouldn't care to share much about some random vehicle's hot weather testing, but the Divo is no regular vehicle.

                        Julia Lemke, a Bugatti development engineer, was the lucky individual performing most of the tests. And the job sounds rather fun. Bugatti says it spent "hours and hours" at 155 mph running around in the hot desert. We'd link to a job application, but we have a feeling that openings are scarce in Molsheim. Sorry, folks. They didn't expose their secret test location, but temperatures rose above 104 degrees Fahrenheit. One could say they were, whipping it good.

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                        It all serves as a fun reminder about the lengths manufacturers go to test their car's mettle to make sure they don't let you down in extreme conditions. The standards for a car that can reach 236 mph (Divo's top speed) and pull 1.6 g on a skidpad tend to be more than a bit higher than the average bear, too. Running for countless hours at over 155 mph isn't a likely scenario that anyone would find themselves in, save the German autobahn. But, rest assured that the $5.62 million Bugatti "for the bends" is ready for it.

                        There are a bunch of new photos to give you another look of the French hypercar, so take a spin through those to see a little behind-the-scenes Bugatti testing action. It looks stunning in the stealth black we've seen pictured before, and the interior is a gorgeous display of materials. Bugatti appears to have fitted some aftermarket Sparco seats for the field testing, too.

                        Bugatti Divo hot weather torture testing for its 40 awaiting customers originally appeared on Autoblog on Fri, 19 Apr 2019

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