Not all grocery stores are created equal. And according to a recent survey from Consumer Reports, more than 50,000 food shoppers have some serious complaints about specific stores.

                        a group of people in a store: grocery department at a Walmart store? Provided by Trusted Media Brands, Inc. grocery department at a Walmart store

                        Surveyors complained mostly about grocery stores with too few checkout lanes and long lines, congested aisles, too few food choices, and a poor selection of local products. Some of the worst offenders include Target, Aldi, and Stop and Shop. But the worst of the worst, according to survey results, is Walmart.

                        The discount chain store undoubtedly has competitive pricing. In fact, that’s the one category where Walmart was highly ranked. The low overall ranking, however, stems from low rankings in seven out of 12 possible categories. This includes cleanliness, staff courtesy, checkout speed, produce and meat quality, and local produce selection. That’s a far cry from the grocery store with the best reputation.

                        The superstore also came in last in the supermarket category in the most recent report by the American Customer?Satisfaction Index. Again, customers were dissatisfied with the slow checkout speed and unfriendliness?of the staff. The stores taking the top spots on ACSI’s report were Trader Joe’s and Wegmans—these stores also show up consistently as being highly rated grocery stores in the United States for overall value, too.

                        Walmart has also faced criticism in the past for its poor relationship with workers. Business Insider reports that the company even spent more than $18 million on ads in 2017 to highlight recent investments and changes in company policy.

                        On the bright side, some popular stores did rank well. Fareway Stores, Wegmans, and Publix are amongst the top. Only about 23 to 30 percent of surveyors had a complaint about them—making them the least complained about in the ratings. Can’t find one of these stores near you? Don't fret, because there's a best supermarket in every state.

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