? Health.com You might remember Robbie Tripp when he went viral back in 2017 on Instagram—he's the guy who had to tell the world just how sexy he thought his curvy wife was. Now, the "Curvy Wife Guy" is making headlines once again, this time for dropping a music video. The title: "Chubby Sexy."

                        In that viral post from two years ago, Tripp wrote, "Girls, don't ever fool yourself by thinking you have to fit a certain mold to be loved and appreciated." He seems to be trying to send a similar message with the music video, as well as give women a

                        "body positive curvy girl summer anthem," as he wrote in a tweet last month. But just like his 2017 Instagram post, Tripp's music video has made a lot of people angry.

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                        In the video, you see Tripp and his wife, Sarah, along with a few other curvy women, dancing by the pool in their bathing suits. Tripp raps lyrics like, "200 pounds, no flat tummy, she don't need a man, yeah she chubby yummy." Another line goes, "Forget that skinny type, that's so 1980. She like a dude that's woke, we like a girl that's weighty."

                        While some women felt it was refreshing to see a guy joining the body positivity conversation, others thought the video was straight up objectifying.

                        Journalist Madison Malone Kircher, who profiled Tripp earlier this month for New York magazine, tweeted: "c*rvy wife guy just dropped his curvy anthem and wow please just shoot me straight into the g***amn sun."

                        One user replied to her tweet with, "Can someone tell Robbie that body positivity is not about sexualizing and bashing others body types."?

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                        Tripp has been receiving this kind of criticism since he went viral two years ago. Some say he acts like it's revolutionary for a man to like a curvy woman. Others think guys like him set the bar too damn low for men in general. Others just want privileged white men to stay out of the body positivity discussion altogether.

                        There are, however, many who do find his message empowering. "I’m thin, but I’m not one bit offended by this," one user commented on Tripp's Instagram. "We thin ladies have HAD our day in the sun, thin body types get celebrated and hailed every single day in the media, on runways, etc etc. Let Robbie do his thing and raise a glass to the curvy ladies today."

                        Another wrote, "As a curvy girl myself, it’s so refreshing to see you and your wife work together as a team to preach body positivity."

                        Tripp's rise to Internet fame has made him quite the controversial figure, but he doesn't care if people don't like his message. In fact, he told Vox in a recent interview, "I have a motto: that whatever people hate you for, do more of that."

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