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                        Meghan McCain lashed out?at President Donald Trump on Twitter Wednesday after The Wall Street Journal reported the White House ordered the USS McCain?to be "out of sight" during Trump's recent visit to Japan.

                        The ship was?named for the late U.S. Sen. John McCain's?father and grandfather, who have the same name as him. McCain, Meghan's father,?was officially added as a namesake of the ship in July 2018,?a month before his death.?

                        "Trump is a child who will always be deeply threatened by the greatness of my dads incredible life. There is a lot of criticism of how much I speak about my dad, but nine months since he passed, Trump won't let him RIP. So I have to stand up for him. It makes my grief unbearable,'' Meghan McCain tweeted.

                        Trump, in a Twitter response posted after social media began reacting to the Journal article, said he had no idea about the order to cover the USS John McCain.

                        "I was not informed about anything having to do with the Navy Ship USS John S. McCain during my recent visit to Japan. Nevertheless, @FLOTUS and I loved being with our great Military Men and Women - what a spectacular job they do!" Trump tweeted.

                        Trump delivered his Memorial Day speech aboard the USS Wasp,?which is docked at the Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan along with the USS John McCain.?

                        Before his trip, a U.S.?Indo-Pacific Command official sent an email to U.S. Navy and Air Force officials outlining plans for Trump's trip, according to the Journal. The official, along with other instructions on the landing area for Trump's helicopter and USS Wasp preparations, said the "USS John McCain needs to be out of sight."?

                        Because the ship is being repaired after a 2017 collision, it was unable to be moved. Instead, a tarp was hung over the ship's name;?sailors were directed to removed coverings from the ship that had its name; and sailors from the ship, who wear caps bearing its?name, were given the day off, according to the Journal.

                        The White House "declined to answer questions about the reason for the directive or where it originated," according to the Journal. However, Trump has attacked McCain multiple times, including saying he was "not a war hero" and that he likes "people who weren't captured," during the 2016 campaign.?

                        McCain was one of the only Republican senators to publicly disagree with the president or offer criticism, and he was was the deciding vote that stopped a bill that would have sought to cripple the Affordable Care Act, something Trump has repeatedly criticized even after McCain's death.

                        McCain?died from a brain tumor in August.

                        Arizona Representative Ruben Gallego also responded to the story on Twitter, calling Trump "petty."?

                        Mark Kelly, who is running for the U.S. Senate seat once held by McCain,?also commented on Twitter:

                        This article originally appeared on Arizona Republic: Meghan McCain lashes out at Trump after report White House asked USS John McCain to be 'out of sight' for Japan trip

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