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                        A local Phoenix company is taking advantage of the buzz around the Arizona Cardinals, the NFL draft and Oklahoma QB prospect Kyler Murray.

                        Check out the billboard found along the I-10 in Phoenix from the Flying V Group.

                        The site takes you to the company site, where it has this:

                        Kyler May Be Small, But He is Mighty.

                        We Can Relate.

                        With a team of ten and partners checking in at 5'9″, 5'8″, and 5'5″, Flying V Group knows this better than anyone. . .

                        It goes on to tell its business and closes with this:

                        And remember. Life's Too Short, Kyler's Not.

                        Is 5-10 really better than 3-13? It is if it can help the Cardinals avoid 3-13 again.


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