Reigning "Jeopardy!" champion James Holzhauer has secured his 32nd win – and is just one dominant game from surpassing Ken Jennings' non-tournament record of $2,520,700.?

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                        The professional sports gambler brought in $79,633 Friday night, bringing his total earnings to $2,462,216?–?just $58,485// from breaking Jennings' record.

                        That may seem like a lot for one episode, but Holzhauer has won over $58,000 in each of the?last two games?and set a single-day record for the quiz show on April 17 with a $131,127 win.

                        Holzhauer had $52,633 going into Friday's Final Jeopardy! round,?with the category?Oscar-nominated families.?

                        UP NEXT
                        UP NEXT
                        The answer? It's the last name of Alfred, Lionel, David, Emil, Thomas and Randy, who with 90 nominations are the most Oscar-nominated family.? (See the correct response below.)

                        That means Holzhauer could?set a new?record Monday?if he continues to use the strategies that have been working for him, such as betting big on Daily Doubles and picking the higher-valued clues first.?

                        Jennings and?Holzhauer?are the only two "Jeopardy!" contestants to earn $2 million or more?in regular, non-tournament winnings,?a barrier Holzhauer crossed in last Friday's episode.

                        However, it has taken Holzhauer fewer than half the number of episodes?to rack?up the prize money,?a feat that Jennings called "astounding."

                        And by the way, the correct response to Friday's Final Jeopardy, answered by James and a losing contestant: What is Newman?

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